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Why should I hire a contractor versus building my home myself?
What are the steps involved in building a house?
How do I get financing?
Where should I build?
How do I design a house that is right for me?
How can I save money on my home?
How many bids should I get for my project?
How long will it take to build my new home?
What kind of warranty will I get on my new home?
Why should I choose Ferguson Construction to build my new home?


  1. Why should I hire a contractor versus building my home myself?

    Most people that have built their own home without a general contractor say they would never do it again.  They say this because of the time consuming effort it takes to coordinate such a project, unfamiliarity with subcontractors and suppliers, and all the variables that are involved that were unknown at the beginning.  By the time the house was completed, the total cost either equaled or exceeded that of which a contractor would have charged with a lower quality product.  It only takes one simple mistake like; miss ordering materials, the roof trusses don’t fit, or failed inspections to turn a simple project into a costly disaster.  Another important reason is for insurance purposes.  If the homeowner building his/her own house hires workers onto the site, proper insurance on every worker must by covered.  If a worker gets injured without proper workers compensation insurance, the worker can sue the homeowner for damages.  Ferguson Construction has proper workers comp. and general liability insurance on all workers working on the site.

  2. What are the steps involved in building a house?

    If you are planning to finance, you must first get approved on your desired budget.  Once you are approved, you can then design your home according to your budget.  The builder will work with the lender to finalize the construction loan and then construction may begin after building permits have been secured.  The builder will receive payment draws from the mortgage company throughout the building process.  You will help make important decisions like paint and roofing colors, cabinets, light fixtures, appliances, and much more.  Once the house is finished and all inspections have been completed, the mortgage company will complete payments to the builder and convert the mortgage to a permanent mortgage.

  3. How do I get financing?

    To avoid multiple requests on your credit which might affect your credit rating, we suggest that you begin with your own bank.  Home mortgage rates are at an all time low so finding a good rate should be relatively easy.  We can also recommend great lenders that we have worked with in the past.

  4. Where should I build?

    If you don’t already have a building lot available, try to find a lot with the following conditions:  A cleared lot is always preferred and could save costly site work at the very beginning of the project.  Try to find a lot that is well drained and out of any flood zones.  Flood insurance could cost an extra $1000 or more per year if the property is in a flood zone.  Make sure the lot is easily accessible for delivery of construction materials. (For example, roof trusses)

  5. How do I design a house that is right for me?

    Most builders do not have the ability to design and draw house plans.  We at Ferguson Construction can assist you with that.  We have many home plans that we have designed and also built with interior and exterior pictures for you to choose from or modify.  If you already have an idea from a plan book or off the internet, bring those ideas in to us and we can draw you a custom home fit for you.  If you select us as your builder, this design service will be at no additional charge to you.

  6. How can I save money on my home?

    If you have already selected a floor plan that you desire to build, there are ways of cutting costs without loosing square footage.  Try to keep wall heights low.  You can achieve high ceilings with vaulted trusses rather than raising the wall height.  You can save money by keeping the roof slope low as well which keeps labor costs and roof area lower, as well as large attics that are realistically wasted and unusable space. Try to minimize the area of covered porches because they add significant costs to the house without adding more inside living area.  Although brick and stone houses are wonderful and attractive, you can use a little brick or stone with fiber cement siding and achieve an equally durable and attractive look.  Cabinets and flooring are huge items in a house.  Try to stay with smaller kitchen configurations with natural wood finishes on the cabinets with plastic laminate tops, and minimize ceramic tile and wood floors where possible.

  7. How many bids should I get for my project?

    We suggest that asking for references and selecting a reputable contractor is the best approach.  If one should choose to get multiple bids, our best answer is BUYERS BEWARE! As with any other professional such as a doctor, lawyer, etc., you would only want to work with the best professional possible.  Taking the lowest bid is generally not the BEST bid. Also, most people don't realize how many variables there are upon which the bidder is bidding. Bidders rarely bid apples for apples but instead bid apples against oranges and the customer really has little idea if the bids are comparable. If a customer needed more than one negotiated bid with a reputable contractor, then the customer would need to hire a home designer, architect, and engineer to provide a very detailed and complete set of plans and specifications so the customer can get apples for apples bids.

  8. How long will it take to build my new home?

    It generally takes between 5-7 months for us to build a new home depending on the size and complexity of the job.  Larger custom homes over 3500 heated square footage could take a little longer. A smaller home up to 1800 sf could take as little as 4 months.

  9. What kind of warranty will I get on my new home?

    We provide a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials that may appear within one year of the final completion of your new home. Generally, most defects, if any, will appear within the first year after completion. Certain items such as insulated window glass and air conditioning components, and other items may be warranted longer than one year by the manufacturer.

  10. Why should I choose Ferguson Construction to build my new home?

    Ferguson Construction is a local well known and established construction company.  We have licensed contractors and have the capability to design and build whatever the customer may desire along with a reputation for quality construction with completion on time and within budget. We have our own highly trained personnel that work strictly for us and have helped us to maintain our reputation for quality that we have always expected and achieved. We have established solid working relationships with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors who know that we expect nothing but first class quality and workmanship. We have an established reputation for paying our bills on time and meeting lender requirements.